About IERN

Launched in October 2011, the International Education Research Network (IERN) is designed to be a one-stop portal for the international education research community, in Australia and overseas.

IERN recognises the diversity in the international education research community and seeks to support those who conduct, procure, consume, fund and advocate research in its various forms. These include established and emerging researchers and individuals in industry, business and government who are interested in international education research and its impact on public and institutional policy and practice.

Within education, IERN aims to support members from all sectors and across diverse disciplines, including education, business, economics, international relations, marketing, psychology, counselling, sociology, demography, public relations, linguistics, global studies, migration, diasporas, public policy and governance.

IERN’s key purpose is to inform, connect and promote collaboration. Through the publication of research digests, holding research events and its website, IERN seeks to:

  • inform the international education research agenda
  • provide a platform to connect researchers with policy-makers
  • promote collaboration and provide ready access to key resources and publications.

IERN membership is free and we encourage networking.

Current members are drawn from all education sectors, a broad range of disciplines and a variety of government, business and industry bodies – in Australia and abroad.

Supported By
  • Department of Education and Training