Mindfulness Matters: Enhancing Student Wellbeing Through Meaningful Support

International students, like everyone else, perceive the world through the lens of their own cultural and personal values and individual beliefs. Those values and beliefs impact their actions and behaviours.

To be understood by others is one of the highest of human needs, however difficult to achieve. Unless we share the same values and belief systems, it is a challenge to empathise with others and truly understand their aspirations, or to provide meaningful support in setting their goals.

This webinar demonstrates the importance of developing emotional intelligence and, in particular, a higher awareness of the international students with whom we communicate. It will also explore the importance of helping students to better understand themselves in order to experience higher levels of satisfaction and wellbeing.

This one-hour session provides participants with powerful communication techniques and coaching tools such as asking powerful questions to maximise students’ positive experience. Participants will also learn about the importance of mindfulness in communication to allow for other perspectives and alternative solutions to emerge.

The techniques presented will enhance participants’ communication techniques and in return contribute to a positive student experience.


Kasia Orlowska-Meinen
  • Founder, Life Design

Kasia founded Life Design in 2009 to offer facilitated leadership training and coaching with the focus on individual and team engagement and high performance growth. She has since worked with individual and corporate clients across Australia and internationally.

Kasia is a graduate of Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in London, holds a Bachelor of Education and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE). She is an NLP and Neuro-Semantics Practitioner and an accredited coach of 360 Leadership Profiles.

Kasia worked across ELICOS, VET and the higher education sectors across a variety of departments for many years. Her pathway in the education sector eventually led her to working for the Western Australian Government Office in London representing educational institutions in their promotional and recruitment activities in Europe. Currently, Kasia engages with educational institutions in helping them develop their teams and individual capabilities through facilitated training and coaching.

Target audience

This webinar is aimed at anyone who interacts with and wishes to improve their communication with international and domestic students including:

  • Student support staff
  • International office staff
  • Academics and teaching staff
  • Regional managers/officers
  • School principals


Participants will gain a better understanding of and appreciation for the importance of the following concepts:

Higher emotional intelligence
  • Better understanding of others’ needs, values and belief systems and how these impact our interactions
  • Reflection and understanding of own needs and drivers
  • Developing empathy for better communication and connection
Enhancing communication techniques
  • Use of powerful questions
  • Ability to listen and understand
  • Learning to build trust and deeper connection
  • Understanding the overall benefits of mindfulness
  • Learning to hold mindful conversations.

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Wednesday 15 March 2017

Time: 11.30am - 12.30pm (AEDT)
Venue: Webinar (Online)

Free for IEAA members
$100 non-IEAA members

This webinar will commence at 11.30am, Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT). Please check the time difference (if applicable) from wherever you may be attending.

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