Making a Difference

"This book provides an essential perspective and should be required reading for all chancellors, presidents and senior international officers."
Mitch Leventhal (Vice-Chancellor for Global Affairs, State University of New York)

'Making a Difference' tells the story of Australian international education from its foundations in the early part of the 20th century, through the watershed period in the mid 1980s when the full-fee overseas student policy was introduced, to a peak in 2010 of around 750,000 international students enrolled in Australia and in Australian institutions offshore. It also addresses many of the challenges experienced in that transition including increasing competition in the marketplace, the maintenance of quality, integrity of the visa process, student safety, and engagement with the community. For example, in a critical analysis of the role of government in the development of international education, across a series of phases more comprehensive than the oft-quoted ‘three phases of aid, trade and internationalisation’, Mike Gallagher sets the scene for the recommendations of the Knight review of the Student Visa Program, and argues for a new strategy for internationalisation with a premium on quality.

Other authors, including Betty Leask, Chris Ziguras, John Wood and the late Tony Adams, deal with other aspects of international education including marketing, institution and sector approaches, public/private partnerships, student outcomes, offshore delivery and international relationships. And from this compilation of perspectives has emerged a fully documented, comprehensive record of a country’s international education initiatives, one which will be invaluable to historians as well as for those working in institutions and organisations that promote, support or regulate international education programs.

Australia’s distinctive approach to international education, especially over the past 25 years since the change in overseas student policy, is captured in the book. The approach has been characterised by actions which are innovative, entrepreneurial, dynamic, forward-looking, risk-taking and often altruistic. International educators have also demonstrated professionalism, cooperation (and sometimes competition), flexibility, responsiveness and adaptation - making Australia a leader in many aspects of international education, noted across the world for its achievements. The entrepreneurial spirit of early recruiters, which has helped forge the industry that international education has become, is a constant theme.

Dorothy Davis and Bruce Mackintosh

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Jennie Lang (Joint Chair)
Helen Zimmerman (Joint Chair)
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