Research & Projects

International Education Research Network (IERN)

IEAA supports the International Education Research Network (IERN) – the one-stop portal for the international education research community.

IERN aims to connect, inform and lead research activities across all sectors to help inform Australia’s international education research agenda. It aims to impact public and institutional policy and practice in all aspects of international education.

Major projects

Education Agent Quality Assurance

Australia’s education peak bodies endorsed a code of ethics for international education agents. The code builds on the framework established by the London Statement and provides a set of standards specific to Australia’s education agents. October 2016

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TNE and the Australian schools sector

Improved transparency and greater access to data are vital to strengthening transnational engagement in the schools sector, according to the latest research report from IEAA. August 2016

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Learning Abroad

Commissioned by Universities Australia, this suite of reports examines learning abroad. They reports look at outcomes of learning abroad programs, international trends in learning abroad and the state of play at Australian universities. May 2016

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International Accommodation

This one-day symposium brought together students, education institutions, accommodation providers and government representatives to explore long-term strategies to enhance the provision of international student accommodation in Australia. June 2015

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International Employability

The employability of international students has emerged as a key issue for the international education sector. Competition for graduate jobs is intense and overseas work experience has never been more important. This national symposium brought together more than 120 participants to explore strategies to enhance the employability of Australia's international students. May 2015

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Global Citizenship

The concepts of ‘global citizenship’ and ‘global competence’ have gained increasing currency over the past 20 years. The term global citizenship, especially, is now routinely used in a wide range of political, social, cultural, economic, diplomatic and educational contexts. August 2014

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IEAA-APAIE Symposium

This two-day symposium on 'Internationalisation of Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific' was a uniquely collaborative forum aimed at developing mutual, long-term engagement between institutions in Australia and the Asia-Pacific. June 2014

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Research on Leadership

IEAA and EAIE have undertaken research on the development of advanced leadership for the next generation of international education leaders in Australia and Europe. January 2014

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Learning & Teaching Across Cultures

This national symposium was organised as part of an Office for Learning and Teaching funded project ‘Learning and Teaching Across Cultures’, which was managed by IEAA. May 2013

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English Language Competence

This national symposium critically examined the efficacy of Australian policy and practice regarding the English language competence of international students. February 2013

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