Learning & Teaching Across Cultures

Diversity in the student population is now the norm rather than the exception in Australian universities, meaning universities need to cater to the learning needs of all their students. Classroom diversity creates challenges and opportunities for teaching staff and for students.

As one way to meet those challenges, the Office for Learning and Teaching commissioned a set of Good Practice Principles and supporting Quick Guides to support the quality of teaching and learning across cultures at your university.

Read and download each of the individual guides below. You can also download the complete guide at the bottom of the page.

Using the Good Practice Principles and Quick Guides

University managers and leaders are advised to familiarise themselves with 'Using the Good Practice Principles and Quick Guides' before using the guides.

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Using the Good Practice Principles and Quick Guides

Good Practice Principles in Practice: Teaching Across Cultures

The Good Practice Principles Teaching Across Cultures have been developed to guide and inform practice. They are designed to help program leaders and teachers to design, implement and evaluate curricula and teaching practices.

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Good Practice Principles: Teaching Across Cultures

Quick Guide to Assessment

Quick Guide to Curriculum Design

Quick Guide to Developing English Language Skills

Quick Guide to Managing Group Work

Quick Guide to Effective Professional Development of Teachers

Quick Guide to Working with Student Learning Services

Quick Guide for Teachers

Complete Guide

Download the complete guide to 'Learning and Teaching Across Cultures' (October 2013)