Learning and Teaching for a Globalised World: IoC SIG Forum 2015

July 2015

What is the role of education institutions in preparing the current generation of students for life and work in a globalised world? What expectations do students, employers and civil society have of today's graduates? And how can we, as educators, address these expectations?

IEAA’s inaugural Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC) Special Interest Group (SIG) Forum provided a national platform to explore the latest trends and developments affecting the internationalised curriculum.

IEAA's Internationalisation of the Curriculum SIG is pleased to provide podcasts of keynote sessions.

Internationalisation of the Curriculum: Challenges of the New Normal
  • Professor Fazal Rizvi, Professor in Global Studies in Education, The University of Melbourne

The demographic composition of international students and their experiences have changed markedly over the past decade. This keynote presentation addressed some of the most significant changes to internationalisation of the curriculum and their implications for teaching and learning.

Engaging the Academic Heartland
  • Dr Anna Ciccarelli, Board member, International Association of Universities (IAU)

Engaging the academic heartland is one of the key issues for those at the forefront of internationalisation of the curriculum, said Dr Anna Ciccarelli. “We’re all committed, we’ve all signed up – the core work has to be with the academic heartland. Let’s work on making cosmopolitanism and internationalisation of the curriculum the ‘new normal’.”