Working with Third-Party Providers

At IEAA's Outbound Mobility Forum 2014, working with third-party providers (TPPs) was a recurring theme. Universities were struggling to understand how to work with TPPs to ensure due diligence for their mobility programs.

Different universities are engaged at different levels with TPPs. Some institutions have no structures, policies, staffing, procedures or agreements to work with such providers. A large proportion of universities fall somewhere in the middle. Finally, there are those universities that are quite advanced in all areas of working with TPPs.

Noting the increasing presence of TPPs seeking to engage with universities and students to access paid internships, we identified a need to develop and disseminate resources, including guidelines on the efficacy, risks and benefits, role and operation associated with TPPs.

This document aims to provide a guide for universities in Australia to work with TPPs.

A Guide to Working with Third-Party Providers (September 2015)