Transnational Education

The global demand for transnational education (TNE) is growing at an unprecedented rate. Whether it's through international program partnerships, offshore campuses or distance education, there is increasing global interest in TNE.

The TNE SIG provides a forum to exchange views and ideas about TNE strategy, policy and practice – including compliance with Australian and host country legal requirements – and encourages participation across all sectors of the industry.

Membership is open to IEAA members and non-members.


The TNE SIG aims to:

  • Provide a focus for the exchange of views and ideas about TNE strategy, policy and practice among members
  • Encourage standards of good practice in TNE among members, including compliance with Australian and host country legal requirements
  • Encourage, promote and where appropriate undertake benchmarking in TNE
  • Provide networking opportunities for academic and professional staff involved in TNE.

Current conveners

Caryn Nery, Convener

Caryn Nery has worked in international education for over 20 years in a variety of roles including teaching and teacher training, marketing, and offshore program management. As Manager Transnational Education at RMIT, Caryn oversees the management of a number of TNE partnerships in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Malaysia.

Dr Fion Lim, Deputy Convener

Fion is Quality Coordinator (Transnational Education and External Delivery) at Victoria University. This position involves working across the university to improve academic quality and standards in the conduct of TNE activities. Previously, Fion has worked in a range of roles in different universities and countries, including Partnerships Manager Transnational Education at RMIT.

Bill Damachis, Deputy Convener

Bill is Director of Transnational Education & Alliances at the University of Wollongong. Since 1998 he has been responsible for the successful development, teaching and management of transnational, twinning and corporate education programs with high-standing academic institutions, government and business in numerous countries with a particular focus in Asia and the Gulf region.

Past conveners

Debbie Clayton Deputy Convener October 2009 October 2011
Lorne Gibson Convener October 2009 October 2015
Menekar Premkumar Interim Coordinator October 2009 October 2010
Matthew Taverner Deputy Convener October 2012 October 2014
Chris Ziguras Deputy Convener October 2009 October 2011


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