Tony Adams Fund 2015

Professor Tony Adams was a revered leader and highly-regarded mentor to many people working in the international education industry. He was also IEAA’s Foundation President.

The Tony Adams Fund was established in his honour in 2011 and provides annual financial grants to individuals from Australia and overseas who work in international education.

Annual grants are available in the following categories:

  • Professional Development
  • Research Project in International Education
  • Doctoral Studies in International Education

On behalf of the Tony Adams Fund Advisory Committee, we are pleased to announce the successful grant recipients for 2015.

Applications for the Tony Adams Fund will open on Monday 2 May 2016.

Click here to read about the grant recipients for 2015.

Joseph Burrow – VICE President (US Member Relations), ISEP

Joseph will receive a professional development grant (AU $2000) to investigate the key factors and motivating interests that influence the strategic agenda for internationalisation and student mobility.

As Vice-President of US member relations at International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP), Joseph Burrow is responsible for building strong relationships with senior level administrators at strategically important network members.

Through the Tony Adams Fund, Joseph will be able to participate in two mentoring programs to gain deeper insight into the key factors and motivating interests that influence the strategic agenda for internationalisation and student mobility for senior international officers (SIO).

The first program will take place at the University of Southern Indiana where he will observe the SIO’s work for one week under the mentorship of Heidi Gregori-Gahan, Assistant Provost and ISEP Board member. Areas of investigation include how state policy and funding influence the budget, focus and support for internationalisation, student mobility efforts and work.

The second program will be at the University of Technology Sydney, under the tutelage of Simon Watson, Manager Mobility and Services. One of the objectives is to learn how a national approach to higher education influences the strategic agenda for internationalisation and student mobility. Joseph will also investigate how this posture may harm or benefit ISEP’s efforts to create more study opportunities for outgoing, non-degree seeking Australian students as well as incoming, non-degree seeking students both from the US and other countries.

During his time in Australia, Joseph hopes to attend the Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) in 2016 and present the findings from his first mentoring program in Indiana.

Joseph is an experienced international education executive, advocate for flattening the higher education hierarchy through user-focused design and technology. In his current role he leads an innovative team of communications and marketing, information technology and international education professionals.

Dr Theodosia Prodromou – The University of New England, NSW

Dr Theodosia Prodromou will receive a research project grant (AU $3000) to investigate the efficacy of progressive pedagogies in mathematics software to promote student learning in different countries.

Dr Prodromou’s research project will focus on investigating the effects and effectiveness of the use of technologies and progressive pedagogies through the implementation of mathematics software to promote student learning in different countries. This will be conducted in close collaboration with the International GeoGebra Institute.

The insights gained from this research study will enable Theodosia to perform a longitudinal study that will include teachers and students from a greater number of countries in different continents.

This project will help establish strong collaboration among teachers and learners at a global level, contribute towards the sharing of different national curricula and the internationalisation of the mathematics curriculum though the use of technologies and progressive pedagogies.

Theodosia is an Australian-Cypriot mathematician, statistician and mathematics educator and has been lecturing mathematics education at the University of New England since 2009.

Theodosia is involved in European and international research collaboration. She is widely published in journals of mathematics and statistics education. Theodosia also established and chairs the GeoGebra Institute of the University of New England, NSW, which aims to promote mathematical learning by using technologies and progressive pedagogies through dynamic mathematics software.

Peter Hurley – Bendigo Kangan Institute of TAFE

Peter will receive a doctoral studies grant (AU $1500 each year for up to 3 years) to support his PhD on how international education qualifications are recognised between countries.

Peter's PhD will focus on how international qualifications are recognised between countries. International mobility of workers and students has increased significantly over the past 20 years. The global workforce is ever expanding and appropriate recognition measures are vital to ensure the continuing importance of international education and the mobility of workers.

Peter’s research will analyse the various mechanisms used to compare and evaluate qualifications awarded in foreign jurisdictions by collecting data to measure the efficacy of different recognition processes. Current systems for overseas qualification recognition are undeveloped and his research will contribute to how to best recognise skills and knowledge people have gained in other countries.

After working in student services at Monash University, Peter began to work for Vetassess where he coordinated projects that involved the assessment of overseas migrants’ qualifications on behalf of the Department of Immigration. During this time he became aware of how underdeveloped recognition mechanisms are and how they are open to misinterpretation.

Since 2010 he has worked at Bendigo Kangan Institute of TAFE in a number of areas including international recruitment, employment based programs and undertaking research studies. Peter returned to Monash University in 2015 to undertake his PhD in international education. He continues to work part-time at the TAFE and is currently the President of the Monash Postgraduate Association.