International Students: A Guide for Australian Employers

06 May 2016

Video sponsored by ETS TOEFL. Supported by Navitas.

IEAA has released a new guide for Australian employers who wish to provide work opportunities or employment for international students.

"Australia is home to more than half a million international students. These students are a valuable, and largely untapped, resource for Australian employers," said Phil Honeywood, Chief Executive Officer at IEAA.

International students and graduates can help:

  • diversify your organisation
  • enhance cultural capital and
  • expand international networks.

The guide serves as a starting point for employers who wish to provide employment opportunities to international students and graduates – as part of a mentoring program, work-integrated learning placement, internship or ongoing graduate role.

The accompanying video (see above) highlights three successful examples of the benefits that international graduates can bring to the workplace.

Download 'International Students: A Guide for Australian Employers'.